Step 1. Choose a topic that interests YOU. 

This is the most difficult part! 

Once you’ve done this, work out your message – keep it as clear and straightforward as possible. Is your intention to give advice, to impart knowledge, to persuade?

Having a clear message will make it easier for you to plan your post.

Step 2. Plan your post. 

Create an outline, conduct some research, and check facts. 

Like any good piece of writing, your post should have clear structure. Think hamburger!

Step 3. Craft a headline that’s catchy and informative!

Remember, it’s not the title of your thesis or a peer-reviewed scientific article. In general, make it engaging, keep it short and sweet (FYI, Google’s display limit is 70 characters and this will comfortably fit into a tweet), and include a keyword.

Probably not like this:

Step 4. Write your post

Either in one go or gradually in parts – whatever suits your writing style. 

A general guideline for blog posts is around 500 words and several images.

Use images to enhance your post, improve its flow, add humour and explain complex topics.

Tip! Lots of people struggle with writing introductions – try writing the introduction last.

Step 5. Edit, edit, edit! 

Editing a blog is easier said than done. It’s not only about fixing grammatical errors or sentence structure, but more importantly seeing the piece as a whole and sometimes sacrificing words or ideas you’ve spent hours on for the sake of cohesion. 

Read your post aloud. Ask a friend for feedback. Accept that perfection is unattainable.




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