Death comes to life at ‘Beyond the Body’

As a young researcher disillusioned by the academic rat race, I’m a vocal proponent of shattering echo chambers and paving untraditional publications pathways whilst concurrently grappling with the ‘but how?’ question. After visiting the creative communications triumph ‘Beyond the Body: a portrait of autopsy’, I had to know more about the people and process that... Continue Reading →

Learning R and Dogs – An Experience from a Hackathon

Yes, you read it correctly. In what wonderful universe are dogs associated with learning the programming language R? I am sure we have all experienced some degree of despair when learning or working with R and would have loved to cuddle a dog for that feeling of unconditional support and affection. Unfortunately, our everyday working... Continue Reading →

“Post-lunch dip” and napping

"Eating lunch has really made me feel really tired." "Me too! Perhaps we ate too much or there's something wrong with the food?!" Does this conversation sound familiar? What actually drives the “post-lunch dip” in the early afternoon? First, it would be useful to understand the two-process model of the sleep-wake cycle, which was conceptualised by... Continue Reading →

Getting your first research grant

Project grants and fellowships are what scientists live for, yet research grant applications can seem daunting, especially for students and early post-docs when the process might be completely new. Professor Alan Silman, Professor of Muscoskeletal Health at NDORMS, came to speak to the Early Careers Research Network on the topic of “getting your first research... Continue Reading →

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