Time for one more paragraph before the school run? The balance of being a parent and doing a DPhil at the same time

Doing a DPhil can be hard work - but juggling it with having a baby or raising a family is impossible, right? We spoke to two recent graduates who have done just that and found that the flexibility of doing a DPhil while having a child definitely has its positives. What is your experience of... Continue Reading →


Public engagement: Understanding the value of the community in epidemiological research

In March 2018, I took part in a public engagement training course, where I learned about the importance of effective interaction with the public in research. The University is committed to embedding high-quality and innovative public engagement as an integral part of research culture and practice at Oxford. As well as enhancing our reputation as... Continue Reading →

“Post-lunch dip” and napping

"Eating lunch has really made me feel really tired." "Me too! Perhaps we ate too much or there's something wrong with the food?!" Does this conversation sound familiar? What actually drives the “post-lunch dip” in the early afternoon? First, it would be useful to understand the two-process model of the sleep-wake cycle, which was conceptualised by... Continue Reading →

Getting your first research grant

Project grants and fellowships are what scientists live for, yet research grant applications can seem daunting, especially for students and early post-docs when the process might be completely new. Professor Alan Silman, Professor of Muscoskeletal Health at NDORMS, came to speak to the Early Careers Research Network on the topic of “getting your first research... Continue Reading →

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